Low Energy Electrodynamics in Solids 2012

from Sunday, 22 July 2012 (16:00) to Friday, 27 July 2012 (13:00)
Embassy Suites Napa Valley (Chardonnay Ballroom)

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22 Jul 2012
23 Jul 2012
24 Jul 2012
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26 Jul 2012
27 Jul 2012
Graphene I - Zhiqiang Li (National High Magnetic Field Lab) (until 10:15) (Chardonnay Ballroom)
08:30 Welcome to LEES 2012 - Michael Martin (LBNL) Dimitri Basov (UC San Diego)   (Chardonnay Ballroom)
08:45 Tunable Optical Properties of Graphene - Feng Wang (UC Berkeley)   (Chardonnay Ballroom)
09:15 Probing Interactions and Dynamics in Single- and Few-Layer Graphene by Optical Spectroscopy - Tony Heinz (Columbia University)   (Chardonnay Ballroom)
09:45 Beyond Graphene: Two-Dimensional Crystals - Antonio Castro Neto (National University of Singapore)   (Chardonnay Ballroom)
10:15 --- Break ---
Metal-Insulator Systems - David Tanner (University of Florida) (until 12:30) (Chardonnay Ballroom)
10:45 Common Fermi-liquid origin of T2 resistivity and superconductivity in n-type SrTiO3 - Dirk van der Marel (Université de Genève)   (Chardonnay Ballroom)
11:15 Determination of the electromagnon origin in the multiferroic TbMnO3 by Raman scattering - Maximilien Cazayous (Laboratoire Matériaux et Phénomènes Quantiques (UMR 7162) Université Paris Diderot Paris 7)   (Chardonnay Ballroom)
11:45 Spectroscopic investigation of materials uner extreme conditions - Janice Musfeldt (University of Tennessee)   (Chardonnay Ballroom)
12:15 Existence of Heavy Fermions in the Antiferromagnetic Phase in CeIn3 - Shin-ichi Kimura (UVSOR Facility, Institute for Molecular Science)   (Chardonnay Ballroom)
Transition Metal Oxides - Pascale Roy (Synchrotron Soleil) (until 10:15) (Chardonnay Ballroom)
08:30 Infrared ellipsometry studies of oxide-based heterostructures - Christian Bernhard (Department of Physics and Fribourg Center for Nanomaterials, University of Fribourg)   (Chardonnay Ballroom)
09:00 Mott-Hubbard excitons in edge-sharing CuO4 chains - Alexander Boris (Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research)   (Chardonnay Ballroom)
09:30 How bad metals turn good: spectroscopic signatures. - Antoine Georges (École Polytechnique)   (Chardonnay Ballroom)
10:00 Terahertz study of magnetic excitations in a chiral iron-langasite - Sophie de Brion (Institut Néel, CNRS-UJF)   (Chardonnay Ballroom)
10:15 --- Break ---
Graphene II - Zhi-Xun Shen (Stanford University) (until 12:30) (Chardonnay Ballroom)
10:45 Genzel Prize: Terahertz magneto-optics and magneto-plasmonics of graphene and graphite - Alexey Kuzmenko (University of Geneva)   (Chardonnay Ballroom)
11:30 Tuning the Electronic Structure of Graphene - Eli Rotenberg (LBNL)   (Chardonnay Ballroom)
12:00 Many-body interactions in graphene and graphite via infrared magnetospectroscopy - Zhigang Jiang (Georgia Insitute of Technology)   (Chardonnay Ballroom)
12:15 Ultrafast Terahertz Spectroscopy of Carbon Nanomaterials - Robert Kaindl (Materials Sciences Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)   (Chardonnay Ballroom)
Spin Phenomena - George Gruner (UCLA) (until 10:15) (Chardonnay Ballroom)
08:30 Quantum information processing with spins in diamond and silicon carbide - David Awschalom (Center for Spintronics and Quantum Computation, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA 93106)   (Chardonnay Ballroom)
09:00 Ultrafast probes of spin and charge dynamics - Joe Orenstein (UC Berkeley and LBNL)   (Chardonnay Ballroom)
09:30 Topological Structures of Novel Quantum System – Views from Scanning Microwave Impedance Microscope - Zhi-Xun Shen (Stanford University)   (Chardonnay Ballroom)
10:00 Observation of Spin-Orbital Separation in the spin chain Sr2CuO3 with Resonant Inelastic X-ray Scattering - Thorsten Schmitt (Paul Scherrer Institut)   (Chardonnay Ballroom)
10:15 --- Break ---
Photoinduced Studies II - Ricardo Lobo (Laboratoire de Physique et d'Etude des Materiaux, CNRS) (until 12:15) (Chardonnay Ballroom)
10:45 Light-induced non-equilibrium superconductivity throughout the pseudogap phase of cuprates - Andrea Cavalleri (Max Planck Department for Structural Dynamics Center For Free Electron Laser – Hamburg, Department of Physics – University of Oxford)   (Chardonnay Ballroom)
11:15 Electronic matter wave rescattering at a nanoscale metal tip on attosecond time scales - Peter Hommelhoff (Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics)   (Chardonnay Ballroom)
11:45 LIGHT INDUCED MELTDOWN OF QUASIPARTICLES IN HIGH TC SUPERCONDUCTORS - Alessandra Lanzara (UC Berkeley)   (Chardonnay Ballroom)
Plasmonics - Girsh Blumberg (Rutgers University) (until 10:15) (Chardonnay Ballroom)
08:30 Towards a q-dependent optics - Martin Dressel (Universitat Stuttgart)   (Chardonnay Ballroom)
09:00 Tapered terahertz plasmonic waveguides - Daniel Mittleman (Rice University)   (Chardonnay Ballroom)
09:30 Control of light with phase discontinuities: photonics with metasurfaces - Frederico Capasso (Harvard University)   (Chardonnay Ballroom)
10:00 The Orientation of Luminescent Excitons in Layered Nanomaterials - Jon Schuller (Columbia University)   (Chardonnay Ballroom)
10:15 --- Break ---
High Tc Cuprates I - Harold Weinstock (AFOSR) (until 12:30) (Chardonnay Ballroom)
10:45 Gap signatures in the IR and THz properties of the cuprate and iron-based superconductors - Christopher Homes (Brookhaven National Laboratory)   (Chardonnay Ballroom)
11:15 Control of correlated electrons in metal-oxide superlattices - Keimer Bernhard (Max Plank Institute for Solid State Research)   (Chardonnay Ballroom)
11:45 Superconducting gap in the pnictides – theory and ARPES - Andrey Chubukov (University of Wisconsin, Madison)   (Chardonnay Ballroom)
12:15 Log(1/T) flux-flow resistivity: a dynamical signature of vortices in cuprate superconductors - David Broun (Simon Fraser University)   (Chardonnay Ballroom)
Topological Insulators II - Kenneth Burch (University of Toronto) (until 10:15) (Chardonnay Ballroom)
08:30 STM Studies of Topological Insulators - Aharon Kapitulnik (Stanford University)   (Chardonnay Ballroom)
09:00 Low frequency electrodynamics of topological insulator surface states - N. Peter Armitage (The Johns Hopkins University)   (Chardonnay Ballroom)
09:30 Novel electronic states of topological insulators studied by ARPES - Takafumi Sato (Department of Physics, Tohoku University)   (Chardonnay Ballroom)
10:00 Terahertz Quantum Hall Effect in Topological Insulator HgTe - Andrei Pimenov (Vienna University of Technology)   (Chardonnay Ballroom)
10:15 --- Break ---
Nanoscale Spectroscopies - Fritz Keilmann (Max Planck Institut für Quantenoptik) (until 12:15) (Chardonnay Ballroom)
10:45 Nano-optical imaging and spectroscopy of mesoscopic phase behavior in quantum matter - Markus Raschke (University of Colorado)   (Chardonnay Ballroom)
11:15 Graphene as a tunable plasmonic material - Michael Fogler (UC San Diego)   (Chardonnay Ballroom)
11:45 Infrared nanospectroscopy of plasmons in semiconductors, metal nanoantennas and graphene - Rainer Hillenbrand (CIC nanoGUNE)   (Chardonnay Ballroom)
16:00 --- Registration ---
19:00 --- Welcome Reception ---
12:30 --- Lunch ---
Correlated Physics - Lance Cooper (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign) (until 15:45) (Chardonnay Ballroom)
14:00 Far infrared study of magnetic field-induced normal state of the high temperature superconductor LSCO. - Thomas Timusk (McMaster University)   (Chardonnay Ballroom)
14:30 RAMAN SPECTROSCOPY OF IRON BASED SUPERCONDUCTORS - Girsh Blumberg (Rutgers University)   (Chardonnay Ballroom)
14:45 α-(BEDT-TTF)2I3: Complex electrodynamic response of the charge-ordered phase - Tomislav Ivek (Institut za fiziku)   (Chardonnay Ballroom)
15:00 Hidden Order Pseudogap and Hybridization Modulation in URu2Si2 - Alexander Balatsky (Los Alamos National Laboratory)   (Chardonnay Ballroom)
15:30 Pressure suppression of unconventional CDW state in PrRu4P12 studied by optical conductivity - Hidekazu Okamura (Kobe University)   (Chardonnay Ballroom)
15:45 --- Break ---
Topological Insulators I - Alexander Balatsky (Los Alamos National Laboratory) (until 18:00) (Chardonnay Ballroom)
16:15 Topological magneto-electric effect - Shoucheng Zhang (Stanford University)   (Chardonnay Ballroom)
16:45 Ultrafast Probing of Dynamical Spin-Charge Coupling in Topological Insulators - Nuh Gedik (MIT)   (Chardonnay Ballroom)
17:15 Optical conductivity of Bismuth-based topological insulators - Stefano Lupi (Department of Physics, University of Rome La Sapienza)   (Chardonnay Ballroom)
18:00 --- Dinner ---
Poster Session 1 (until 22:00) (Fountain Court)
20:00 AB-Stacked Multilayer Graphene Synthesized via Chemical Vapor Deposition: A Characterization by Hot Carrier Transport - Haibing Peng (University of Houston, Physics Department)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 AC Conductivity of AA-stacked and Twisted Bilayer Graphene - Calvin Tabert (University of Guelph)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 An infra-red study of thin film Bi$_2$Se$_3$ electronic structure across multiple thicknesses - Kirk Post (University of California, San Diego, Department of Physics)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 Angle-resolved photoemission on metallic and insulating phase of VO2 - Luca Moreschini (Advanced Light Source, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, USA)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 ARPES in 1D CDW systems: taking a fresh look at an old problem - Marco Grioni (ICMP-EPFL)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 Broadband microwave study of 2D superconductor-insulator quantum phase transition - Wei Liu (Johns Hopkins University)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 Dispersive Kondo resonance and hybridized bands in Yb-based compounds - Masaharu Matsunami (UVSOR Facility, Institute for Molecular Science)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 Dynamic Jahn-Teller effect in the expanded fullerides Cs3C60 - Katalin Kamaras (Wigner Research Centre for Physics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 Electronic and optical properties of LaAlO3/SrTiO3 superlattices: interface charge density, Fermi surfaces, and optical reflectivity spectra - Se Young Park (Columbia University)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 Gate tunable real-space plasmons in graphene revealed by infrared nano-imaging - Zhe Fei (Department of Physics, University of California, San Diego)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 High THz field induced dynamics of Sr14Cu24O41 - Elsa Abreu (Department of Physics, Boston University)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 Hybridization gap and anisotropic far-infrared optical conductivity of URu2Si2 - Julien Levallois (DPMC - University of Geneva)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 Imaging the Electric Breakdown in V2O3 at the Nanoscale - Stefan Guénon (Department of Physics and Center for Advanced Nanoscience, University of California San Diego)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 In-plane electronic anisotropy in the optical spectra of Ba(Fe1-xCox)2As2 - Masamichi NAKAJIMA (Department of Physics, University of Tokyo)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 Infrared probe of p-doped GaAs in the ferromagnetic semiconductor GaMnAs and non-magnetic system GaBeAs - Brian Chapler (University of California San Diego)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 Infrared signatures of ambipolar injection in narrow gap Donor-Acceptor polymer transistors - Omar Khatib (UCSD)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 Infrared study of carrier scattering in graphene field effect device 2h0' - E.J. Choi (Univ. of Seoul, Korea)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 Infrared study of tunable magnetoplasmons in graphene - Zhiqiang Li (National High Magnetic Field Laboratory)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 Infrared study on the electronic structure of metallic pyrochlore Bi2Ir2O7 - Yunsang Lee (UCSD/Soongsil University)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 Low energy electrodynamics of the Kondo-lattice antiferromagnet CeCu$_2$Ge$_2$ - Grace Bosse (The Institute for Quantum Matter, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Johns Hopkins University)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 Low energy electronic excitations and magneto-phonon resonance in graphite and graphene - Dmitry Smirnov (National High Magnetic Field Laboratory)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 Low-frequency optics on Sr_(1−x)Ca_(x)RuO_(3) - Marc Scheffler (Universität Stuttgart, Germany)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 Magnetic field induced color change in α-Fe2O3 single crystals - Peng Chen (Department of Chemistry, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tennessee 37996, USA)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 Measuring Collective CDW Excitations throughout momentum space using XUV ARPES - Stefan Kaiser (Max Planck Department for Structural Dynamics, CFEL, U Hamburg)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 Na2IrO3 by ARPES: a spin-orbit-induced band insulator. - Riccardo Comin (University of British Columbia)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 Near-field spectroscopy of optically doped graphene - Martin Wagner (UCSD)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 Optical Properties of (SrMnO3)n/(LaMnO3)2n Superlattices: An Insulator-to-Metal Transition Observed in the Absence of Disorder - Andrea Perucchi (ELETTRA - Sincrotrone Trieste)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 Orbital fluctuations and orbital order below the Jahn-Teller transition in Sr3Cr2O8 - Zhe Wang (EP 5, EKM, Institute for Physics, Augsburg University, Augsburg, Germany)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 Plasmarons and phonons in finite momentun optical conductivity of graphene - Jules Carbotte (McMaster University)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 Quantum Hall effect from 2D surface states of the 3D topological insulator HgTe - Andreas V. Stier (Johns Hopkins University)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 Reconfigurable gradient index using VO2 memory metamaterials - Michael Goldflam (University of California, San Diego)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 Sliding Phononic Gaps in the Charged Incommensurate Planes of Sr14Cu24O41 - Adrian Gozar (Brookhaven National Laboratory)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 Structure of the hidden order gap in URu$_2$Si$_2$ revealed by optical spectroscopy - Jesse Hall (McMaster University)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 Synthesis and Magnetic Dynamics of Multiferroic Chromates - Andrei Pimenov (Vienna University of Technology)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 Terahertz Response and Colossal Kerr Rotation from the Surface States of the Topological Insulator Bi2Se3 - Rolando Valdes Aguilar (Department of Physics and Astronomy. Johns Hopkins University)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 Three-dimensional band structure of heavy fermion CeCoIn5 measured by photon-dependent angle resolved photoemission - Jonathan Denlinger (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 Three-Dimensional Electronic structure of Li1+xFeAs - Tetsuya Hajiri (Nagoya University)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 Time-domain THz spectroscopy of central modes in BaTiO3 and SrTiO3 - Hynek Nemec (Institute of Physics AS CR, Na Slovance 2, 18221 Praha, Czech Republic)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 Topological surface state dispersion measured using THz magneto-ellipsometry - Jason Hancock (University of Geneva/University of Connecticut)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 Ultrafast carrier dynamics in CVD graphene probed by terahertz spectroscopy - Alex Frenzel (Harvard / MIT)   (Fountain Court)
12:30 --- Lunch ---
Pnictides - Laszlo Mihaly (Stony Brook University) (until 15:45) (Chardonnay Ballroom)
14:00 Anisotropic in-plane optical conductivity in detwinned iron-pnictides - Leonardo Degiorgi (ETH Zurich)   (Chardonnay Ballroom)
14:30 Optical spectroscopy study on Fe-pnictides/chalcogenides - Nan-Lin Wang (Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China)   (Chardonnay Ballroom)
15:00 Optical conductivity of (Ba,K)Fe2As2: observation of a normal state pseudogap and the effect of impurity scattering in the superconducting order parameter - Ricardo Lobo (LPEM, ESPCI-CNRS)   (Chardonnay Ballroom)
15:15 Infrared pseudogap in the $ab$-plane and $c$-axis responses of the pnictide high-$T_c$ superconductors - Soonjae Moon (Department of Physics, Hanyang University)   (Chardonnay Ballroom)
15:45 --- Break ---
Photoinduced Studies I - Larry Carr (Brookhaven National Laboratory) (until 18:00) (Chardonnay Ballroom)
16:15 Exploring Dynamic Phase Transitions in the Vanadates using Terahertz Spectroscopy - Richard Averitt (Boston University)   (Chardonnay Ballroom)
16:45 Fast Dynamics of Exchange Biased Bilayers - Ivan K. Schuller (UCSD)   (Chardonnay Ballroom)
17:15 Ultrafast Mid-infrared Spectroscopy of the Charge- and Spin-Ordered Nickelate La1.75Sr0.25NiO4 - Giacomo Coslovich (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab)   (Chardonnay Ballroom)
17:30 Ultrafast quantum modulation spectroscopy of a solid state Mott insulator - Daniele Nicoletti (Max Planck Department for Structural Dynamics, University of Hamburg, Center for Free-Electron Laser Science, Hamburg, Germany)   (Chardonnay Ballroom)
18:00 --- Dinner ---
Poster Session 2 (until 22:00) (Fountain Court)
20:00 Anisotropic electron-phonon coupling in MgB2 by ARPES - Bart Ludbrook (Department of Physics & Astronomy, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia V6T 1Z1, Canada)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 ARPES evidence of translational symmetry breaking in superconducting Fe(Te1-xSex) - P.-H. Lin (ICMP-EPFL) Marco Grioni   (Fountain Court)
20:00 Charge density wave formation near band degeneracies - Hans-Martin Eiter (Walther-Meissner-Institut, Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften, D-85748 Garching, Germany)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 Charge transport in semiconductor nanostructures investigated by terahertz spectroscopy - Hynek Nemec (Institute of Physics AS CR, Na Slovance 2, 18221 Praha, Czech Republic)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 Coherent broadband THz spectrometer using photomixers for accurate determination of complex dielectric function - Komalavalli Thirunavukkuarasu (II. Physikalisches Institut, Universität zu Köln)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 Coherent intersubband polarization switching in a semiconductor quantum well using terahertz pulses - Martin Wagner (Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf, Dresden, Germany)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 Controlling incandescence using Metamaterials - Xianliang Liu (Boston College)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 d-wave quasiparticles and the origin of vortex viscosity in cuprates - David Broun (Simon Fraser University)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 Dispersive high-energy spin excitations in iron pnictide superconductors investigated with resonant inelastic x-ray scattering - Thorsten Schmitt (Paul Scherrer Institut)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 Evidence for a Peierls phase-transition in a three-dimensionnal multiple charge-density-waves solid. - Barbara Mansart (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 High speed terahertz modulation from metamaterials with embedded high electron mobility transistors - David Shrekenhamer (Boston College)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 Infrared Phonon Fingerprinting of Nanocrystals through Broadband Near-Field Spectroscopy - Alex McLeod (University of California San Diego)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 Intense terahertz pulse-induced breaking of BCS superconducting phase in NbN - Ryusuke Matsunaga (Department of Physics, School of Science, The University of Tokyo)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 Nanoscale investigation of multilayer, dispersive mirrors damage by spectroscopic near-field microscopy - Sergiu Amarie (Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 Nanoscale layering of antiferromagnetic and superconducting phases in Rb2Fe4Se5 - Aliaksei Charnukha (Max Planck Institute for Solid State research)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 Non-equilibrium superconductivity in light-stimulated YBa2Cu3Ox - Cassandra Hunt (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign;Max Planck Department for Structural Dynamics)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 Optical and Raman spectrum in the magnetic state of iron pnictides - Belen Valenzuela (Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Madrid ICMM-CSIC)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 Optical properties of mechanically-exfoliated Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8 - Luke Sandilands (University of Toronto)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 Optical Study of the Pseudogap State in YBa2(Cu1-xZnx)3O7-δ - Ece UYKUR (Department of Physics, Graduate School of Science, Osaka University)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 Persistent high-energy spin excitations in RIXS spectra of optimally doped Bi-2212 - Marco Grioni (ICMP-EPFL)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 Precursor superconducting phase at temperatures as high as 180 K in superconducting cuprate crystals from infrared spectroscopy - Adam Dubroka (Masaryk University)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 Raman response in density wave materials - Elizabeth Nowadnick (Stanford University)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 Single-layer terahertz metamaterials with bulk optical constant - Wenchen Chen (Boston College)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 Single-layer terahertz metamaterials with bulk optical constant - Wenchen Chen (Boston College)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 Spectroscopic near-field microscopy of biominerals in the phonon region - Fritz Keilmann (Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics, Garching, Germany)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 Superconducting coherence along c-axis in the stripe phase of high-Tc cuprates - Kiyohisa TANAKA (Osaka University)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 Terahertz excitations in the 1D Ising chain quantum magnet CoNb2O6 - Christopher M. Morris (Johns Hopkins University)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 THz Induced Breakdown of Superconductivity in NbN - Xiaoxiang Xi (Brookhaven National Laboratory)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 Towards understanding the c-axis infrared response of underdoped cuprate superconductors - Dominik Munzar (Masaryk University)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 Tuning the plasmonic regime in high temperature superconductor metamaterials - Odeta Limaj (Department of Physics, University of Rome La Sapienza)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 Ultrafast conductivity dynamics in the colossal magnetoresistance La1-xCaxMnO3 thin films - Jingdi Zhang (Boston University)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 Ultrafast optical study of the electron doped cuprate NCCO - James Hinton (UC Berkeley, LBNL)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 Unique Automatic Beamsplitter Exchange Unit for a Research Vacuum FT-IR Spectrometer - Michael Joerger (Bruker Optik GmbH, Rudolf-Plank-Strasse 27, 76275 Ettlingen, Germany)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 Vacuum FT-IR spectrometer: Research Tool at Synchrotron Infrared Beamlines - Michael Joerger (Bruker Optik GmbH, Rudolf-Plank-Strasse 27, 76275 Ettlingen, Germany)   (Fountain Court)
20:00 Vortex-State Electrodynamics in Superconducting Thin Films Studied by Far-Infrared Spectroscopy - Xiaoxiang Xi (Brookhaven National Lab)   (Fountain Court)
12:30 --- Lunch ---
13:45 --- Wine Country Excursions or Free Time to explore Napa Valley ---
12:30 --- Lunch ---
Metamaterials - Martin Dressel (University of Stuttgart) (until 15:45) (Chardonnay Ballroom)
14:00 Taming the Blackbody - Prof. Willie Padilla (Boston College)   (Chardonnay Ballroom)
14:30 Active Terahertz Metamaterials - Hou-Tong Chen (Los Alamos National Lab)   (Chardonnay Ballroom)
15:00 Tunable and Nonlinear Metamaterial Composites - David R. Smith (Duke University)   (Chardonnay Ballroom)
15:45 --- Break ---
High Tc Cuprates & Pnictides - Setsuko Tajima (Osaka University) (until 18:00) (Chardonnay Ballroom)
16:15 Overview of ARPES studies of cuprate and pnictide superconductors - Dan Dessau (University of Colorado, Boulder)   (Chardonnay Ballroom)
16:45 High Temperature Proximity Effect in Topological Insulators - Kenneth Burch (University of Toronto)   (Chardonnay Ballroom)
17:00 Disentangling the electronic and phononic glue in a high-Tc superconductor - Stefano Dal Conte (Eindhoven University of Technology)   (Chardonnay Ballroom)
17:15 Non-retarded pairing interaction in a high-Tc cuprate from coherent charge fluctuations spectroscopy - Barbara Mansart (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne)   (Chardonnay Ballroom)
17:30 Optical and transport properties in pnictides: anomalous effects due to interband interactions - Lara Benfatto (ISC-CNR and Department of Physics, Sapienza University of Rome)   (Chardonnay Ballroom)
18:00 --- Transport to Conference Dinner Location ---
Conference Dinner (until 22:00) (Cave Theatre)
19:00 --- Arrive, Group Photo, Tour Winery Grounds ---
19:45 --- Dinner ---
20:40 Student Poster Award Winner Presentations   (Cave Theatre)
20:50 Remembering Mike Tinkham - Paul Richards (UC Berkeley)   (Cave Theatre)
22:00 --- Transport back to Embassy Suites ---
Summary / Conclusions / LEES 2014 - Ricardo Lobo Dimitri Basov Michael Martin (until 12:35) (Chardonnay Ballroom)