19th International Symposium on Heavy Ion Inertial Fusion

from Sunday, 12 August 2012 (08:30) to Friday, 17 August 2012 (18:00)
Shattuck Plaza Hotel (Crystal Ballroom)

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12 Aug 2012
13 Aug 2012
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16 Aug 2012
17 Aug 2012
Welcome, Introduction, & Logistics (until 08:50) (Crystal Ballroom)
Program overviews, Chairs: Bill Herrmannsfeldt and Grant Logan (until 12:40) (Crystal Ballroom)
08:50 National Research Council Assessment of the Prospects for Inertial Fusion Energy - Ronald Davidson (Princeton University)   (Crystal Ballroom)
09:15 Experiments towards HIF at FAIR - Boris Sharkov (FAIR GmbH)   (Crystal Ballroom)
09:40 Japanese Program Overview on HIF and Related Research Activities - K. Horioka (Department of Energy Sciences, Tokyo Institute of Technology)   (Crystal Ballroom)
10:05 High Energy Density Physics at ITEP - A. Golubev (Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics)   (Crystal Ballroom)
10:30 --- Discussion ---
10:45 Activities in heavy ion beam driven HEDP and IFE research at IMP, Lanzhou - Y. Zhao (Institute of Modern Physics)   (Crystal Ballroom)
11:10 The University of Maryland Electron Ring Program - R. A. Kishek (Institute for Research in Electronics & Applied Physics,)   (Crystal Ballroom)
11:35 --- Break to pick up lunch ---
11:55 The NDCX-II Engineering Design - William Waldron (LBNL)   (Crystal Ballroom)
Daily Logistics - Peter Seidl (LBNL) John Barnard (LBNL) (until 08:30) (Crystal Ballroom)
Accelerator physics and technology I - Chairs: J. Kwan and A. Faltens - Featured Posters: R. Burke, K. Fukushima, T. Yoshimoto, R. Cassel (until 12:00) (Crystal Ballroom)
08:30 Multiple beam induction linacs - Peter Seidl (LBNL)   (Crystal Ballroom)
08:55 Beam Dynamics for Induction Accelerators - Edward Lee   (Crystal Ballroom)
09:20 KEK Digital Accelerator and Latest Switching Device R&D - K. Takayama (1High Energy Accelerator Research Organization)   (Crystal Ballroom)
09:45 --- Discussion ---
10:05 Modeling HIF Relevant Longitudinal Dynamics in UMER - B. Beaudoin (Institute for Research in Electronics and Applied Physics)   (Crystal Ballroom)
10:30 Accelerator Design for FAIR and Application to HIF - Peter-Juergen Spiller (GSI Darmstadt)   (Crystal Ballroom)
10:55 Studies of Electrical Breakdown Processes across Vacuum Gaps - L. R. Grisham (Princeton University Plasma Physics Laboratory)   (Crystal Ballroom)
11:20 The Single Pass RF Driver - Dr Robert Burke (Fusion Power Corporation)   (Crystal Ballroom)
Ion sources - Chair: K. Horikoa - Featured Posters: W.M. Sharp, M. Koepke, Y. Oguri, A. Yuen (until 09:30) (Building 50 Auditorium)
08:15 Ion Sources for Heavy Ion Fusion - Joe Kwan   (Building 50 Auditorium)
08:40 Laser Ablation Ion Source - Masahiro Okamura (BNL)   (Building 50 Auditorium)
09:05 Lithium Ion Sources - Prabir Roy   (Building 50 Auditorium)
Daily Logistics - Peter Seidl (LBNL) John Barnard (LBNL) (until 09:45) (Building 50 Auditorium)
NDCX-II - Chair: G. Deutsch - Featured Posters: W.M. Sharp, M. Koepke, Y. Oguri, A. Yuen (until 11:15) (Building 50 Auditorium)
09:45 --- Discussion ---
10:00 NDCX-II Beam Dynamics - Alex Friedman (LBNL)   (Building 50 Auditorium)
10:25 NDCX-II Experimental Plans and Target Simulations - John Barnard (LBNL)   (Building 50 Auditorium)
10:50 NDCX-II Commissioning Highlights - Steven Lidia   (Building 50 Auditorium)
11:15 --- Walk to Building 58 High Bay for NDCX-II Tour ---
NDCX-II Tour (until 12:10) (58 high bay)
Daily Logistics - Peter Seidl (LBNL) John Barnard (LBNL) (until 08:30) (Crystal Ballroom)
Drift compression and final focus - Chairs: A. Golubev and R.A. Kishek - Featured Posters: A. Friedman, A. Burke, C. Helsley, Y. Sakai (until 11:40) (Crystal Ballroom)
08:30 Drift compression and Final Focus (review) - Igor Kaganovich (Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory)   (Crystal Ballroom)
08:55 Chamber Transport for Heavy Ion Fusion - Craig Olson (Sandia Nat. Lab. (Retired))   (Crystal Ballroom)
09:20 Plasma Sources for Drivers and NDCX-II - Dr Erik Gilson (PPPL)   (Crystal Ballroom)
09:45 --- Discussion ---
10:00 Study on Beam Dynamics during Longitudinal Bunch Compression using Compact Simulator Supported by Theoretical and Numerical Approaches for Heavy Ion Fusion - Takashi Kikuchi (Nagaoka University of Technology)   (Crystal Ballroom)
10:25 Effects of Beam-Plasma Instabilities on Neutralized Propagation of Intense Ion Beams in Background Plasma* - E. A. Startsev (Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory)   (Crystal Ballroom)
10:50 Design considerations for a wobbler in a HIF driver - Hong Qin (Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory)   (Crystal Ballroom)
11:15 Rare Isotope Accelerator Project in Korea and Its Application to High Energy Density Sciences - Moses Chung (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory)   (Crystal Ballroom)
11:40 --- Lunch (on your own) ---
Daily Logistics - John Barnard (LBNL) Peter Seidl (LBNL) (until 08:30) (Crystal Ballroom)
High energy density physics & Warm dense matter - Chairs: Y. Oguri and R. Davidson - Featured Posters: K.P. Driver, K, Kondo, Y. Miki, F. Tachinami (until 11:15) (Crystal Ballroom)
08:30 Stopping of Heavy Ion Beams in Dense Plasmas of ICF and WDM Concern - Claude Deutsch (UParis-Sud)   (Crystal Ballroom)
08:55 Ion Beam Focusing with Cone Optics for WDM Experiments - J. Hasegawa (1Department of Energy Sciences, Tokyo Institute of Technology)   (Crystal Ballroom)
09:20 X-pinch Diagnostic for Warm Dense Matter and Pulsed-power Developments in Nagaoka University of Technology - Toru Sasaki (Nagaoka University of Technology)   (Crystal Ballroom)
09:45 --- Discussion ---
10:00 Plasma physics at the Z6 station, GSI - Alex Ortner (GSI Darmstadt)   (Crystal Ballroom)
10:25 EOS for WDM - I. V. Lomonosov (Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics RAS)   (Crystal Ballroom)
10:50 Intense Ion Beams for Fusion Research - Markus Roth (TUD / LANL)   (Crystal Ballroom)
11:15 Summary and closing remarks   (Crystal Ballroom)
Welcome reception (until 19:00) (Crystal Ballroom)
12:40 --- Lunch and discussions ---
HIF Targets - Chairs: B. Sharkov and S. Kawata - Featured Posters: A. Ortner, A Bret, I.V. Lomonosov (until 17:30) (Crystal Ballroom)
13:55 Heavy Ion Targets - Roger Bangerter   (Crystal Ballroom)
14:20 A look at past heavy ion target designs - Max Tabak (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)   (Crystal Ballroom)
14:45 The X-target: a high-gain and robust target design for HIF - Enrique Henestroza   (Crystal Ballroom)
15:10 Wobblers and Rayleigh-Taylor Instability Mitigation in HIF Target Implosion - S. Kawataa (Utsunomiya University)   (Crystal Ballroom)
15:35 --- Discussion ---
15:50 Tamped Heavy Ion Targets - Matt Terry (Los Alamos National Laboratory)   (Crystal Ballroom)
16:15 Impact Ignition Design under Axi-symmetric Illumination System - M. Murakami (Institute of Laser Enginering)   (Crystal Ballroom)
16:40 Fusion Ignition Simulations using a Particle Code - Richard More (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)   (Crystal Ballroom)
17:05 Two stage focusing for FAIR and HIAF - B. Logan   (Crystal Ballroom)
17:30 --- Dinner (on your own) ---
X-Target Workshop (E. Henestroza, chair) (until 22:00) (Crystal Ballroom)
12:00 --- Lunch (on your own) ---
Accelerator physics and technology II - Chairs: R. Bangerter and P-J SPiller - Featured Posters: M.A. Dorf, R. Galloway, I. Brown, S. Ikeda (until 16:30) (Crystal Ballroom)
14:00 Simulations of ion beams for NDCX-II - D. P. Grote (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)   (Crystal Ballroom)
14:25 Simulations of beams in plasmas - Jean-Luc Vay   (Crystal Ballroom)
14:50 Beam dynamics in a 1D beam model - Steven Lund   (Crystal Ballroom)
15:15 --- Discussion ---
15:40 Electron clouds in HIF drivers - Ronald Cohen (LLNL)   (Crystal Ballroom)
16:05 Radio-Frequency and Magnetic Trap Simulations of Beam Propagation over Long Paths - H. Okamoto (Graduate School of Advanced Sciences of Matter)   (Crystal Ballroom)
Target fabrication (until 16:55) (Crystal Ballroom)
16:30 A Brief History of Target Fabrication at GA – Will We Have Targets To Allow Economically Feasible Inertial Fusion Energy? - Daniel Goodin (General Atomics)   (Crystal Ballroom)
17:00 --- Dinner (on your own) ---
High Energy Density Laboratory Physics Workshop (P. Ni, chair) (until 22:00) (Crystal Ballroom)
12:10 --- Arrive at Guest House for departure to LLNL and NIF Tour ---
12:20 --- Lunch ---
National Ignition Facility Presentation and Tour, LLNL (until 16:30) (B482 Auditorium and NIF)
13:30 Badging at LLNL   ()
14:15 Status of NIF (Lindl)   (B481)
15:30 Tour of the National Ignition Facility   (B581)
Social Event (optional) (until 18:30) (Underdog Wine Bar)
Chamber, Technology, and Systems - Chair: E. Lee (until 14:35) (Crystal Ballroom)
13:20 The Current Development Status of Fluoride Salt Cooled High Temperature Reactor (FHR) Technology And its Overlap with HIF Target Chamber Concepts - Raluca Scarlat (UC Berkeley, Nuclear Engineering)   (Crystal Ballroom)
13:45 Liquid wall chambers for HIF - R. W. Moir (Vallecitos Molten Salt Research)   (Crystal Ballroom)
14:10 Economic Viability of Large-scale Fusion Systems - Charles Helsley (Fusion Power Corporation)   (Crystal Ballroom)
Poster session (until 17:15) (Boiler Room)
14:35 Advantages of the Single Pass RF Driver for Pellet Implosion and Ignition - Dr Robert Burke (Fusion Power Corporation)   (Boiler Room)
14:35 All-Electron Path Integral Simulations of Warm Dense Matter: Application to Water and Carbon - K. P. Driver (University of California)   (Boiler Room)
14:35 Alternate Operating Scenarios For NDCX-II* - W. M. Sharp (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)   (Boiler Room)
14:35 Can FPC's Single-Pass RF Driver Produce a 50 µm Spot Size for Fast Ignition? - Alex Burke (Fusion Power Corp / SAIC)   (Boiler Room)
14:35 Development of a User-Facility Plan for NDCX-II - Mark Koepke (West Virginia University)   (Boiler Room)
14:35 Electro-magnetically driven shock and dissociated hydrogen target for stopping power measurement - K. Kondo (Research Laboratory for Nuclear Rectors)   (Boiler Room)
14:35 Evaluation of Transport Properties in Warm Dense State by using Isochoric Pulsed-power Discharges - Yasutoshi Miki (Nagaoka University of Technology)   (Boiler Room)
14:35 Experimental investigation of heavy ion energy loss in dense plasma, generated by laser induced soft X-rays - Alex Ortner (GSI Darmstadt)   (Boiler Room)
14:35 Experimental Verification of Stop-Band Distributions in Doublet Focusing Channels - Kei Fukushima (Graduate School of Advanced Sciences of Matter, Hiroshima University)   (Boiler Room)
14:35 Generation of Multi-charged High Current Ion Beams using the SMIS 37 Gas-dynamic Electron Cyclotron Resonance (ECR) Ion Source - M. A. M. A. Dorf (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)   (Boiler Room)
14:35 Harmonic analysis of irradiation asymmetry for cylindrical implosions driven by high-frequency rotating ion beams - A. Bret (Universidad de Castilla)   (Boiler Room)
14:35 Heavy Ion Beam Acceleration in the KEK Digital Accelerator: Induction Acceleration from 200 keV to a few tens of MeV - T. Yoshimoto (Tokyo Institute of Technology)   (Boiler Room)
14:35 HVDC Dynamitron® for the Multi-Beam Single Pass RF Driver - Richard A. Galloway (IBA Industrial Inc.)   (Boiler Room)
14:35 International Shock-Wave data base - I. V. Lomonosov (IPCP RAS, Chernogolovka)   (Boiler Room)
14:35 Ion Sources for the Multi-Isotope Single-Pass RF Driver - Ian G. Brown (Berkeley Scientific)   (Boiler Room)
14:35 Kicker Magnets and Modulators for Single-Pass RF Driver HIF - Richard Cassel (Stangenes Industries Incorporated)   (Boiler Room)
14:35 Magnetic Control of Laser Ablation Plasma for High-flux Ion Injectors - S. Ikeda (Department of Energy Sciences, Tokyo Institute of Technology,)   (Boiler Room)
14:35 Manipulations for delivering HIF beams onto targets: (1) Smoothing by arc wobblers, (2) Differential acceleration in final beam lines - Alex Friedman (LBNL)   (Boiler Room)
14:35 Numerical Study of Heavy-Ion Stopping in Foam Targets with One-Dimensional Subcell-Scale Hydrodynamic Motions - Y. Oguri (Research Laboratory for Nuclear Reactors)   (Boiler Room)
14:35 Rarefaction Waves in Van Der Waals Fluids - Albert Yuen   (Boiler Room)
14:35 Single Pass RF Driver (SPRFD) Chamber Considerations - Charles Helsley (Fusion Power Corporation)   (Boiler Room)
14:35 Study on pulsed-discharge devices with high current rising rate for point spot short-wavelength source in dense plasma observations - Fumitaka Tachinami (Nagaoka university of Technology)   (Boiler Room)
14:35 Study on the Dynamics during Longitudinal Compression of Intense Charged Particle Beams with Compact Simulator - Y. Sakai (Department of Energy Sciences, Tokyo Institute of Technology)   (Boiler Room)
17:15 --- Transportation to Chabot Space and Science Center ---
Banquet (until 21:30) (2nd floor)
21:30 --- Transportation to the Shattuck Hotel ---