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US student physicists' tournament

to be set (LeConte building, UC Berkeley)

to be set

LeConte building, UC Berkeley

Dmytro Oliinychenko Oliinychenko (LBNL)



Physicists' Tournament is a contest for undergraduate students, which involves physics (both theoretical and experimental), show and debate. Student are given several month to solve open-ended problems in teams (max. 6 students per team). At the tournament they present their solutions and criticise solution of others following debate procedure known as "Physics Fights".

The US Physicists' Tournament is a part of a bigger International tournament. Winners of the US tournament qualify for the International one.

The problems of the US tournament will be a subset of the problems for the International tournament available at

How to join

  1. Gather a team of 5-6 students
  2. Register
  3. Solve problems
  4. Come to UC Berkeley and fight other teams

More information



UC Berkeley LeConte building, google map location

Registered teams:

  1. UC Merced
  2. Rice University, "Thunderboltzmann", cap. Matheus Barbosa
  • Ayush Sachdeva
  • Brandon Abrego
  • Chawit Kritpracha
  • Christina Valletta
  • Dmytro Oliinychenko
  • Erika Hathaway
  • Frank Yang
  • Liu Xinyun
  • Matheus Barbosa
  • Miguel Ceja
  • Nachiket Girish
  • Nikhilesh Venkatasubramanian
  • Shantanu Kadam
  • Siddhant Mehrotra
  • Saturday, 7 December
    • 10:00 13:00
      Physics Fight I
    • 13:00 14:30
    • 14:30 18:00
      Physics Fight II
  • Sunday, 8 December
    • 10:00 13:00
      Physics Fight III
    • 13:00 14:30
    • 14:30 18:00