Sep 8 – 13, 2013
Asilomar, California
US/Pacific timezone

The LUX Experiment: Background Modeling and Sensitivity Projections

Sep 11, 2013, 7:30 PM
2h 30m
Asilomar, California

Asilomar, California

Asilomar Conference Grounds, 800 Asilomar Avenue, Pacific Grove, CA 93950-3704
Poster Dark Matter Poster Session


Dr David Malling (Brown University)


The LUX experiment takes advantage of the self-shielding capabilities of liquid xenon to create a nearly background-free fiducial volume. This will allow for unambiguous detection of WIMP-like nuclear recoils. LUX has been designed with the goal of $<10^{-3}$~event/kg/keV/day, corresponding to $<$1~background event in 300~livedays, and a virtually background-free month-long initial science run. The ultimate 90\% exclusion WIMP limit of the experiment after a 30000~kg~day run is projected to reach 4$\times$10$^{-46}$~cm$^2$ for a WIMP mass of 100~GeV. This talk will discuss background projections from the LUX material screening program, as well as modeling of cosmogenic and intrinsic background sources in the Xe.

Primary author

Dr David Malling (Brown University)

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