US-MDP First General Meeting and Workshop

Marriott Napa Valley

Marriott Napa Valley

3425 Solano Avenue, Napa, California 94558 USA
George Velev (Fermilab), Stephen Gourlay (LBNL)
The first annual collaboration meeting of the US Magnet Development Program (MDP) will be held from Monday, Feb. 6 until approximately noon on Wednesday, February 8 at the Napa Valley Marriott Hotel and Spa. As this is the first meeting of the MDP, the primary purpose is to introduce the program goals, management structure, current status of active projects and discussions for future activities and expansion of the program. There will be a working lunch on Monday and Tuesday in order to maximize interaction and discussion among the meeting participants. There will be no registration fee, but all attendees must register through this website so we have a head count. The deadline for registration is January 20th. A block of rooms has been reserved at the Marriott until January 20th. Space is limited so we encourage you to book a room as soon as possible.
  • Akira Yamamoto
  • Alexander Zlobin
  • Andrew Lankford
  • Aurelio R Hafalia Jr
  • Bernhard Auchmann
  • Christopher Rey
  • Daniel Cheng
  • Daniel Dietderich
  • Daniel Schoerling
  • Danko van der Laan
  • Dave Sutter
  • David Larbalestier
  • Davide Tommasini
  • Diego Arbelaez
  • Emanuela Barzi
  • Emmanuele Ravaioli
  • George Velev
  • GianLuca Sabbi
  • Giorgio Apollina
  • Goran Majkic
  • Ian Pong
  • Igor Novitski
  • Jeff Parrell
  • Jeremy Weiss
  • Joseph Minervini
  • Justin Schwartz
  • Kai Zhang
  • Lance Cooley
  • Laura Garcia Fajardo
  • Lucas Brouwer
  • Mariusz Juchno
  • Mark Palmer
  • Martin Rupich
  • Maxim Marchevsky
  • Mike Sumption
  • Paolo Ferracin
  • Peter Wanderer
  • Ramesh Gupta
  • Sergey Belomestnykh
  • shlomo caspi
  • Soren Prestemon
  • Stephen Gourlay
  • Steve Krave
  • Stoyan Stoynev
  • Tatsushi NAKAMOTO
  • Tengming Shen
  • Xiaorong Wang
Support: Ms. Sreela Sen, LBNL