WARP and ImpactT Simulations on Structured Electron Beams from Nano-engineered Cathodes

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Mr Anusorn Lueangaramwong (Northern Illinois)


WARP framework has promising extensive features for particle-in-cell simulations. Thus, simulations of the early-stage beam dynamics of the emission process from nano-engineered cathodes was carried out via WARP framework with our implementation of multi-photon-emission and field-emission process. Structured electron beams, emitted from such cathodes without azimuthal symmetries, require 3D-solver. Cathode-to-front-end beam dynamics, therefore, were simulated by using ImpactT with either 3D-solver or point-to-point N-body space charge solver. We explore the imaging of cathode pattern after acceleration and manipulation with focusing quadrupoles.

Primary author

Mr Anusorn Lueangaramwong (Northern Illinois)


Prof. Philippe Piot (Northern Illinois University/FNAL)

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