FRIB Decay Station Workshop

Shannon Conference Room (Renaissance Concourse Atlanta Airport Hotel)

Shannon Conference Room

Renaissance Concourse Atlanta Airport Hotel

One Hartsfield Centre Parkway Atlanta, Georgia, USA, 30354

The FRIB Decay Station (FDS) User Executive Committee is organized a workshop to discuss the past and current FRIB Decay Station Initiator (FDSi) efforts and a path forward towards the FDS. The workshop took place at the Renaissance Concourse Atlanta Airport Hotel on November 16-17, 2023. 

In addition to discussing experiments to date and plans for the future, the goal of the workshop was to bring the Users together and have a chance to discuss and possibly revise the current FDS documents (can be found under the 'FDSi Guiding Documents' tab). We hope to hear from all the workshop attendees and the FDS Users on how to help grow and maintain a successful FDS collaboration and collaboration rules – your input in this process will be essential.

We had a great meeting in November to discuss the exciting accomplishments and potential of the FRIB Decay Station!

  • Adriana Sweet
  • Akaa Daniel Ayangeakaa
  • Andrea Richard
  • Andrew Rogers
  • Augusto Macchiavelli
  • Benjamin Crider
  • Brenden Longfellow
  • Chris Wrede
  • Dariusz Seweryniak
  • Darren Bleuel
  • Fernando Montes
  • Filip Kondev
  • Gabriela Ilie
  • Georg Bollen
  • Heather Crawford
  • Hendrik Schatz
  • Ian Cox
  • Isaiah Richardson
  • James Christie
  • James Huffman
  • Jeremias Garcia Duarte
  • Jin Wu
  • Kay Kolos
  • Krzysztof Rykaczewski
  • Lijie Sun
  • MacMillan Wheeler
  • Marcel Demarteau
  • Miguel Madurga
  • Mitch Allmond
  • Oleg Tarasov
  • Prajwal MohanMurthy
  • Ram Yadav
  • Rebecca Surman
  • Rebeka Sultana Lubna
  • Robert Grzywacz
  • Samuel Tabor
  • Scott Marley
  • Sean Liddick
  • Shree Neupane
  • Stephanie Lyons
  • Thomas King
  • Thomas Ruland
  • Timothy Gray
  • Vandana Tripathi
  • Wei Jia Ong
  • Zhengyu Xu
  • Thursday, November 16
    • Welcome and Workshop Goals
      Convener: Kay Kolos (LLNL)
      • 1
        Welcome and Workshop Goals
        Speaker: Kay Kolos (LLNL)
      • 2
        Speaker: Robert Grzywacz (UTK)
    • Past FDSi Experiments
      Convener: Kay Kolos (LLNL)
      • 3
        FDSi Past Experiment 1
        Speaker: Tim Gray (UTK)
      • 4
        FDSi Past Experiment 2
        Speaker: Wei Jia Ong (LLNL)
      • 5
        FDSi Past Experiment 3
        Speaker: Chris Wrede (FRIB)
      • 6
        FDSi Past Experiment 4
        Speaker: Shree Neupane (LLNL)
    • 10:30 AM
    • Current State of the FDSi and Looking Toward the FDS
      Convener: Miguel Madurga (UTK)
      • 7
        FDSi and FDS Overview
        Speaker: Mitch Allmond (ORNL)
      • 8
        XSiSi - Si Detectors
        Speaker: Dariusz Seweryniak (Argonne National Laboratory)
      • 9
        XSiSi - Scintillator Detectors
        Speaker: Ian Cox (UTK)
      • 10
        Technical DIscussions
    • 12:15 PM
    • Current State of the FDSi and Looking Toward the FDS
      Convener: Ben Crider (Mississippi State University)
      • 11
        Speaker: Zhengyu Xu (UTK)
      • 12
        TAS - MTAS
        Speaker: Charlie Rasco (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
      • 13
        TAS - SuN
        Speaker: Sean Liddick (FRIB/MSU)
      • 14
        Speaker: James Huffman (FRIB)
    • 2:55 PM
    • Current State of the FDSi and Looking Toward the FDS
      Convener: Ben Crider (Mississippi State University)
      • 15
        Speaker: Mitch Allmond (ORNL)
      • 16
        Speaker: Chris Wrede (FRIB)
      • 17
        Technical Discussions
    • FDSi Organization
      Conveners: Hendrik Schatz (FRIB), Kay Kolos (LLNL)
    • Workshop Cocktails & Dinner
  • Friday, November 17
    • Guided Discussions of Collaboration Documents
      Convener: Heather Crawford
    • 10:30 AM
    • Discussions and Wrap-Up
      Convener: Heather Crawford
    • 12:00 PM
      End of Workshop