8 September 2013
US/Pacific timezone

Non Standard Neutrino Oscillation

8 Sep 2013, 19:30


Mr David Girardelli (Unicamp)


Taup Abstract This work aims to propose a possible solution to the Gallium and Reactor Neutrino Problem, which verifies a difference between predictions and observations of neutrino flux originated from nuclear reactors. Based on non-standard neutrino interactions we could promote an instantaneous neutrino flavor changing at the moment of neutrino creation. The approach used is based on weak leptonic number violation, with the restriction of keeping the Lorentz invariance. That approach allow interactions like electron/muon-neutrino that create muon-neutrinos inside the reactor and give a better understanding of the quantum neutrino oscillation phenomenon for a region near to the reactor.

Primary author

Mr David Girardelli (Unicamp)


Prof. Marcelo Moraes Guzzo (Unicamp)

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