February 27, 2023 to March 3, 2023
US/Pacific timezone

Lab and Building Access

**If you have any issues with access, contact Lady Bonifacio at 510-486-4974 

LBNL Address: 1 Cyclotron Road, Berkeley, CA 94720

Plenary and Junior Session Location: Building 50-Auditorium

Parallel Session Locations:

  • Tuesday (2/28)
    • LFSUPC/FCV/CF:   50-Auditorium
    • HP:  91-310
    • ColdQCD:    70A-3377
  • Wednesday (3/1)
    • LFSUPC:  50B-4205
    • FCV:   50-Auditorium
    • CF:    70-191
    • HP:    91-310
    • ColdQCD/Forward:    50-5206

Council Meeting:    50A-5132

LBNL Interactive Map (Type Building number on the search bar)

Printable Map: https://www2.lbl.gov/Workplace/lab-site-map.html

Lab Access: You should get an email from our site access office no later than Thursday, February 23rd. You do not need to print this email.  If you can access it from your phone, you can simply show the guard at the gate the email or a screenshot of your email.  Your name will also be on the gate list when you pull up at Blackberry Gate so even if you can't access your pass from your mobile phone, you can still go onsite.  You are required to show a valid government ID with picture when you pull up at the gate.

Foreign nationals who are citizens of, or were born in, State Sponsors of Terrorism (SST) should contact Lady Bonifacio (LBonifacio@lbl.gov) ASAP.

Building Access: Many of the buildings at LBL are badge access only.  We will request access for the building main doors to be unlocked for the parallel session days.  If there are issues on access, please call 510-486-4974 or email LBonifacio@lbl.gov.

LBNL Shuttle (Weekdays only): You need to show the shuttle driver your approved site access from your phone or by printing the email. You can find information about the shuttle here: https://commute.lbl.gov/service/shuttle-buses/

Parking: If you are driving to the lab, you can park at any space available that is not marked reserved or has an orange circle.  The closest parking lot to Building 50 LOT H1, H2, J and K1 (closed). Parking spaces are limited onsite especially due to many constructions on the hill.  Therefore, we highly recommend that you carpool or take the Shuttle. If you are driving, pull up to the Guest entry at Blackberry Gate and let the security guard know you need a parking permit.  Your name should be on the gate list.  You will still need to show your approved gate pass that was emailed to you by site access and your valid picture ID.