May 29, 2018 to June 3, 2018
Hyatt Regency Indian Wells Conference Center
US/Pacific timezone

Recent Results from the Axion Dark Matter Experiment (ADMX)

May 29, 2018, 4:30 PM
South Foyer | Pinon Room (Hyatt Regency Indian Wells Conference Center)

South Foyer | Pinon Room

Hyatt Regency Indian Wells Conference Center

44600 Indian Wells Lane, Indian Wells, CA 92210, USA
Parallel DM Dark Matter


Dr Gianpaolo Carosi (Lawrence Livermore Natl Lab)


The nature of dark matter is one of the great mysteries of modern physics today and is likely new particles beyond the Standard Model. The Axion, originally conceived as a solution to the strong-CP problem in nuclear physics, is one well-motivated candidate. The Axion Dark Matter Experiment (ADMX) was started at LLNL in the mid-1990s and ran until 2010 before it was moved to the U. of Washington where it is now a DOE Gen 2 project. ADMX uses a large microwave cavity immersed in a strong static magnetic field to resonantly convert dark matter axions to detectable photons. Recently ADMX has completed its first data run with unprecedented sensitivity in the classical QCD-axion mass range of several $\mu$eV. In this talk I will describe the history of axion dark matter searches, describe the recent ADMX results, and give a survey of the R&D efforts currently underway to explore the entire axion dark matter mass window.
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Collaboration name ADMX collaboration
Funding source DOE Office of Science HEP Cosmic Frontier

Primary author

Dr Gianpaolo Carosi (Lawrence Livermore Natl Lab)

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