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13-17 June 2022
Berkeley, CA
US/Pacific timezone


NS2022 Plenary

13 Jun 2022, 09:00
Berkeley, CA

Berkeley, CA

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


NS2022 Plenary: Light Nuclei I

  • Carl Svensson (Department of Physics, University of Guelph, N1G 2W1 Guelph, Canada)

NS2022 Plenary: Heavy Nuclei I

  • Jacklyn Gates (LBL)

NS2022 Plenary: Shapes and Collectivity I

  • Marco Siciliano (ANL)

NS2022 Plenary: Shells/Magicity I

  • Mark Caprio (University of Notre Dame)

NS2022 Plenary: Heavy Elements II

  • Walid Younes (LLNL)

NS2022 Plenary: Islands of Inversion

  • D. Bazin (NSCL, Michigan State University)

NS2022 Plenary: Shapes and Collectivity

  • Peter Bender (University of Massachusetts Lowell)

NS2022 Plenary: Statistical Structure and Astrophysics

  • Dorthea Gjestvang ()

NS2022 Plenary: Mirrors and Proton-Rich Nuclei

  • A. Rogers (University of Massachusetts Lowell, USA)

NS2022 Plenary: Lasers

  • Kyle Leach (Colorado School of Mines)

NS2022 Plenary: Light Nuclei II

  • D.G. Jenkins (Dept of Physics, Univ of York)

NS2022 Plenary: Shapes and Collectivity III

  • Gordon Ball (TRIUMF)

NS2022 Plenary: Shells and Magicity II

  • Corina Andreoiu (Simon Fraser University)

NS2022 Plenary: Fundamental Symmetries

  • M. Wiedeking (iThemba LABS)

NS2022 Plenary: Shapes and Collectivity IV

  • Yang Sun ()

NS2022 Plenary: Closing Session

  • Heather Crawford ()

NS2022 Plenary: New Facilities

  • Andrew Boston ()

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