Shyh Wang Hall, 3101 (LBL-Hill)

Shyh Wang Hall, 3101


Ernst Sichtermann, Felix Ringer, Feng Yuan
9th International Conference on Physics Opportunities at an ElecTron-Ion-Collider POETIC 9, the Ninth International Conference on the ‘Physics Opportunities at an ElecTron-Ion Collider’, will take place at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, USA, from Monday, September 16 to Saturday, September 21, 2019. The primary goal of the conference is to continue the advancement of the field of electron-ion collider physics. The first three days, from Monday to Wednesday, we plan to arrange focus meetings on various aspects of our program (in parallel). The formal POETIC workshop starts on Thursday and ends on Saturday. The program will consist of invited and contributed talks. We strongly encourage the submission of abstracts. Postdocs and students are especially encouraged to attend the conference. Conference Topics: Structure of hadrons: (nuclear) parton distribuition functions (PDFs nPDFs), transverse momentum dependent (TMDs) and generalized parton distributions (GPDs), Distribution Amplitudes (DAs) , Double Distributions (DDs). QCD at high parton densities and small-x: saturation, evolution, Color Glass Condensate Fragmentation functions and Jet properties Complementarity and connections of EIC physics with p+p, p+A and A+A collisions: high-pt processes, diffraction, multi-parton interactions, quark-gluon plasma and colored probes in hot nuclear matter. Physics beyond the Standard Model and connections to other areas in physics. Future DIS facilities: accelerator and detector developments. POETIC-9 Satellite Workshop: TMD Collaboration Meeting, September 16-18 We thank Brookhaven National Laboratory, the Center for Frontiers in Nuclear Science, Jefferson Laboratory, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory for their generous support of POETIC 2019.