Workshop for Applied Nuclear Data Activities (WANDA 2021)

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Karolina (Kay) Kolos (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory), Vladimir Sobes (University of Tennessee)

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  • Center for Accelerator Target Science Workshop
    After postponing indefinitely last year, the Center for Accelerator Target Science (CATS) at Argonne National Laboratory is tentatively planning a target workshop with lectures and hands-on demonstrations covering the basics of target making and production of more commonly needed targets. This workshop will happen in conjunction with the Low Energy Community Meeting, if this meeting is able to happen in person. This workshop will be supported by the Center for Excellence in Nuclear Training And University-based Research (CENTAUR). This collaboration includes faculty, staff, and students from Florida State University, Louisiana State University, Texas A&M University, University of Notre Dame, University of Washington, and Washington University in St Louis, and is supported by an SSAA Grant from the NNSA. You can send questions to [email protected], a final decision will be made later this spring.